What Is The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy?

Trading is an art, and if you wish to achieve at art, you have to do in-depth research. There are a few strategies that you can apply to trade bitcoins and exhale in it. But before we elaborate on the best strategy, there are a few things to know before you start trading bitcoins.

 Promising Strategy for Bitcoin Trading- OBV Indicator Analysis

The promising ways to start trading using OBV Indicator, as follows

 Check OBV Indicator

You need a good trading platform because you have to measure your gains. The OBV indicators are generally present in most trading platforms, that help traders check the money going in and out of the market. OBV can be expanded as On Balance Volume. Mitigating risk even before it happens, is the sign of a good trader. The risk of bitcoin trading is the fickle nature of bitcoin prices. Therefore, it is essential that you sketch a way out in the beginning.

 Research and Analysis

It is vital to do in-depth research on the strategy you have chosen. Read various books, journals, articles, listen to videos, podcasts, etc. before you choose your best option. A trading plan is the second important step if you want to achieve something by bitcoin trading. You should have a plan for each result that might befall on you. Even if you fail, you have to already pick your way out. All these plans might look foolproof, but they all come with risk.

 Smart Money Divergence

Bitcoin exchanges should be considered carefully. Everything depends on your choice of the bitcoin exchange. There are various bitcoin exchanges to choose from. Be careful with this decision. Make this decision after doing every research on bitcoin trading. You have to read a lot of books on bitcoin trading before you join the e-trading market. Theoretical knowledge is also necessary for trading along with practical experience.

 Trend Trading

The first strategy should be keeping an eye on the trends. It is very important to realize what strategy you are to follow and the outcomes you are expecting from it. Be prepared for every consequence you are about to face. Read blogs, journals, and expert reviews about the newest trends in bitcoin trading. This will help you trade better. The changes in the trends are results of various aspects like government regulations, other business organizations entering the cryptocurrency market, and so on. Therefore, it is important that you make sure to follow the trend, to trade better. 


Hedging is simply a protective measure to ensure that your money is never wasted. As you already know, that bitcoins are volatile, the amount fluctuates depending on the market. As a defensive measure, you need to hedge your bets to be on the safer side. For example, it would be desirable if you sell out your bitcoins wishing that the prices are down and you can buy it at lower rates. But if unfortunately, the prices go up, your strategy would fail. There are various other ways to increase your value, but that will surely come with some risks. Trading is all about risks if you are ready to take risks; you are already a trader.


Bitcoin trading is a risky business. Therefore it is very important that you always have a risk management plan ready. Various strategies will help you gain huge profits if the calculations are right along with damage control management.

  • Paying attention to the volume, that is, the stability and susceptibility of the market. Read the signs before investing or selling.
  • Relative Strength Index is an important aspect to look for. RSI specifies the market situation, which in turn helps you in trade.
  • Money Flow Index calculation is essential because it estimates the inflow and outflow of money.

The correct trading strategy is the one that comes out after using every measure possible along with damage control. You need to be patient, analytical, disciplined, and should have far-reaching insight about the decision you will take. Hence, analysis is the architect of a good trading strategy!

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