Google and Apple Admit Ethereum App to Confirm Vaccination of Employees

Civic Technologies, the software giant, has done some valuable research and has come up with Ethereum, an ingenious application that organizations can use to access their employees’ COVID-19 vaccination status.

Right now, the world’s focus is on preventing the spread of Coronavirus infection. Preventive vaccinations are in the final stages of clinical testing. After these become available, people can safely go back to their regular lives, and businesses will work on full strength. But till such time, the organizations will need to know who has used the vaccine. And this is what Ethereum will help with.

At the onset of this global pandemic, Civic Technologies made some additions and modifications to the Ethereum app for Circle Medical, an affiliate of UCSF hospital, San Francisco. This world-class medical research center is now using this app to record the Covid-19 test results of its staff. UCSF management also proposes to use this software for accessing the Covid-19 vaccination status of the workers.

The information remains in a digital blockchain format on the Ethereum app. It is completely secure and not under the control of any agency. Users have to share a unique key to share it with anyone. There is a record of all those who access the information. This makes it transparent, and everyone is accountable for their conduct. So if a person is sharing the COVID-19 test result, no one will know the name or identification details.

Several malls, stadiums, and other public service providers also plan to use it to ensure the visitors’ safety. Civic Technologies is in conversation with medical sector giants and government offices who wish to use Ethereum. The names of these are under non-disclosure protocols. Ethereum will have a large user base amongst all public entertainment giants. Even sports event organizers can use this app to ensure that all the spectators in a baseball stadium are vaccinated.   

The best thing about Ethereum’s blockchain technology is the security of data. A block stores the information, and a cluster of blocks form a chain. A group of computers manages these unalterable data. The storage is on an electronic ledger. The user has two keys, one is public and the second is private. One who has a unique public pass-key can access the user’s information. The private pass-key is for authentication and encryption of the records. So when the organization obtains the employee’s data, only the COVID-19 vaccination record will be visible. Ethereum will share no other information.

Any user can download the Ethereum application from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The login requires name, mobile number, and personal identification. Users can secure this app with a fingerprint or face ID. 

This app will then access the person’s COVID-19 vaccination details from the healthcare provider’s electronic records.

In the year 2017, Civic, as a start-up, was successful in raising $43 million for developing useful and innovative software applications. They came up with the Ethereum application at that time. It uses the latest blockchain technology for storing information on the cryptocurrency, Ether. The principle of blockchain is the distribution of information digitally without allowing storage. Users can trade and make secure electronic digital payments on this app.

This pioneering application, Ethereum, will support humanity in its fight against Coronavirus. The latest blockchain technology will help record the COVID-19 vaccination or test data with transparency and security. The app will access the documents from the healthcare providers’ website to preserve authenticity. Civic Technology’s Ethereum app will make sure that the world economy booms again healthily. 

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