Did Jack Daniels Thwart a Ransomware Attack or Not?

Jack Daniels, a well-known name in the wine industry was just hit by a ransomware attack. The parent company of Jack Daniels, Brown-Forman Corp is claiming otherwise. But according to the ransomware gang REvil or Sodinokibi, the ransomware attack has been successful.

A cybersecurity service provider, AppGate put the incident into the limelight. It said, the manufacturer of Jack Daniels did fall victim to ransomware attack but it refused to pay the ransom amount to the hackers. After which the hackers claimed that it is selling the data on the darknet.

The famous whiskey manufacturer claims that it has successfully prevented the ransomware attack but REvil’s claims cannot be denied. The hackers have stolen sensitive data of the company and possibly stole it to the darknet.

Other Hacks By REvil

A security researcher at AppGate, Felipe Duarte pointed out that the hacker of whiskey manufacturer has revealed the screenshots of the stolen data. Duarte also confirmed that REvil has also attacked several other renowned companies.

Its main target has been from the oil, gas, insurance, and consulting industries. For example, quest-worldwide.com of Australia, eurecat.com in France, as well as the National Western Life of America.

The group of hackers has made a lot of money by selling the confidential data of some renowned companies. The data is sold to the highest bidder on the darknet or it can also be made public. If the ransom amount is paid to hackers by every other company, then these hackers will soon be able to attack many other companies.

An additional attack on a law firm known as GSMLaw was also done by REvil. These hackers have stolen almost gigabytes of legal documents containing information from many international celebrities.

This data was put on sale for $1.5 million on the “wall-of-shame” on the darknet blog. Duarte has also clarified that there’s no confirmation of the data stolen. It can be just a threat by REvil or an actual breach of data.

The Latest Popular Ransom Cryptocurrency Is Monero

Duarte has confirmed that Monero (XMR) is the latest favorite of hackers instead of Bitcoin (BTC). Recently REvil has migrated from Bitcoin to Monero to receive ransom payments. The only reason Monero is such popular among hackers is its ability to not be tracked.

Apart from many other attacks by REvil, the recent attack was on a Spanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager ADIF. After the railway infrastructure was attacked, hackers stole over 800 GB of data from ADIF.

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