Canadian Cleaner Falls Victim to Elaborate Crypto Scam

In another bitcoin scam, the Canadian cleaner falls victim. The name of the cleaner is Jocelyn. As per the statement by Jocelyn, she has spent all his life’s savings by investing in cryptocurrency. But, he was duped.

About Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a calendar, and he worked for Sean Moore. Sean Moore is a lobbyist who spoke on behalf of Jocelyn. He said that the fraudulent chat with Jocelyn is a small part of major fraud going on in the Crypto world.

Jocelyn had almost $10000 in crypto-assets, and she has saved this her entire life. She is a native of the Philippines, and she came to Canada to look for better opportunities for her daughter. She has been staying in Canada for more than eight years now. For the last years, she has worked at different places, and the $10,000 investment in crypto assets was her only savings. She thought of getting huge returns on her investment, but nature had something else made up for her.

The story of fraud

On a particular day, Jocelyn received a call from an unknown number. The women from the other side claimed that her Social Security Number was used for fraudulent means, and few hackers were using it for money laundering and drug-related business.

The women from the other side Jocelyn provide her Social Security Number so that they can investigate the matter. Jocelyn had no idea that all of these steps were a part of a bigger scam. Jocelyn was also asked to empty all her financial accounts. The women also asked Jocelyn to act as she was being monitored by hackers continuously. After that, Jocelyn was asked to visit the nearby Bitcoin ATM, where she had to transfer money, the women informed Jocelyn that her money would be back into her account once the investigation is over.

Jocelyn was too stressed about the issue, and she totally trusted the women and thought of her as a person from a higher authority who was helping her from the frauds of hackers.

She could not believe that she was being cheated by the same woman who was calling her.

Jocelyn asked when she will get her money back, and she was informed that she would receive it once the investigation is over.

After many days of calling, she received no reply or confirmation from their end. She informed this to Sean Moore, who understood that Jocelyn had been robbed. When they went to the bitcoin Atm, the guard informed them that they had no responsibility for the money, and he was not even sympathetic towards her condition.

These days, Cryptocurrency frauds are increasing as the number of hackers, and spammers are focused on getting money. Thus, it is important for the cryptocurrency agency as well as customers to care for their security. In addition to this, there is also a lack of knowledge and education among the users regarding the security and safety of cryptocurrency. We can only hope that incidents like these don’t get repeated in the future.

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