Bitcoin Rally in Danger? Wall Street Veterans Warn of Nasdaq Bubble

The world is experiencing a frightening pandemic that has spread its tentacles over all aspects of humanity, and the crypto-currency exchange market is one of them. The altcoin did experience a little boost in its price recently; adding hope in the investors’ hearts but bigger news has popped its head around the corner which may not be that melodious to the ears of crypto-enthusiasts. Old wise gurus of the trading industry warn altcoin users that bitcoin may be facing an imminent threat due to a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is a bubble forming in the tepid waters of NASDAQ.

The Underlying Reason

An industry guru believes this imminent threat may be caused by an unexpected reason that not many have predicted. This expert who has run a highly-regarded trading research firm for forty years believes the NASDAQ bubble will be the game-changer. This has been looming over the head of traders due to a correlation between the biggest altcoin that is bitcoin and certain stocks. The correlation at first, was not very significant and had escaped the notice of the gatekeepers. But this insipid link had reached a huge rise that seems to be the end of crypto-times.

Over-estimation and other problems

The skewed schematic of the trading market is not the only problem plaguing potential crypto-currency investors. Another big hurdle lies in the over-estimation of technological stocks since the beginning of the month. This threatens the tell-tale formation of the NASDAQ bubble of financial ruin. This new disaster seems to be succeeding the previous disaster of the tech bubble from twenty years before, that pulled the chair underneath of many enthusiastic investors. This new one may cause even a more dangerous upheaval that will force Bitcoin to abandon hope and leave with whatever little they can save.

But it is better to take this news with a pinch of salt since the over-all faith in this block-chain based beauty remains song. Investors have never stopped putting more money in certain areas despite the crippling effects of the pandemic. With still long exchanges happening at various blockchain platforms, hope remains present. The bitcoin has even experienced a significant uptick in its recent valuations with a rise that has settled at around nine thousand and five hundred dollars. There is a mix of uncertainties and reliance among investors concerning crypto-currency; only time will tell where the money lies.

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