Bitcoin, a hedge against Elon Musk mining asteroid gold, say Winklevoss Twins.

The thought of Winklevoss twins is that space mining is only around the corner.

Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency used in recent times. It is one of the easiest and adopted currencies by people and is also used for many reasons. From small to big purchases or investments, bitcoin has a significant role in the life of today’s generation. It was developed with blockchain technology and is the safest type of crypto, impossible to hack.

The controversy about the bitcoin regarding Winklevoss twins is trending nowadays. They supported bitcoin and told it a better investment than gold. They gave behind their statement that after Elon musk starts mining the asteroids, the supply of metal will increase.

Another reason given by the Winklevoss twins behind bitcoin as a better investment in an interview on the national level is that gold does not have a fixed supply, so bitcoin is a better investment.

In an interview with Portnoy, he asked the Winklevoss twins about their question whether the statement given by them on the gold and bitcoin is real or not? The founders of Gemini cryptocurrency positively answered this question with yes.

The further question that arose in front of Winklevoss twins was about the inferiority of bitcoin over gold. One of them had answered sensibly by saying a single statement that gold is only for the boomers, and bitcoin is the only fixed asset in the galaxy.

It is said that space mining is not the latest idea. Asteroids were mined with the profit, according to the planetary resources. This data was given by the website of the company data named Crunchbase. According to a report, the firm was later adopted by the Consensys, Etherum focused blockchain firm.

There is a prediction with some highly educated experts that if the development continues in this phase, then there will be soon the time when we will observe a new space race between the private companies that are looking forward to mining the minerals in space. According to the report of CNBC of May 2018, it is predicted that the materials that are lying in the core or belt of asteroids between Jupiter to mars hold great wealth, which could be equivalent to about $100 billion for every single person on the earth.

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